Please join us for the
13th World Harp Congress
Hong Kong
July 2017
Twelfth World Harp Congress - Sydney 2014

About the World Harp Congress

The World Harp Congress, Inc. a private non-profit organization, was founded in 1981 as an outgrowth of the International Harp Weeks held in The Netherlands for twenty years under the leadership of Phia Berghout and Maria Korchinska.

Past Congresses have been held in Maastricht, The Netherlands; Jerusalem, Israel; Vienna, Austria; Paris-Sevres, France; Copenhagen, Denmark; Seattle-Tacoma, USA; Prague, Czech Republic; Geneva, Switzerland; Dublin, Ireland;  Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Vancouver, Canada; and Sydney, Australia. Concerts, workshops and seminars concerning all aspects of harp musicology and performance are offered at these triennial sessions.

The World Harp Congress has members representing over 50 countries.The Board of Directors welcomes all persons who are interested in the harp to join this international organization.

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Friendships... Around the World

Interview with Susann McDonald by Linda Wood Rollo.

Susann McDonald, the renowned harpist, recording artist, and teacher, retired from her position as Artistic Director of the World Harp Congress (WHC) in 2011. The following interview discusses her many experiences and memories of her thirty-year tenure as Artistic Director.

"When I look at the World Harp Congresses over these many years, it is hard to believe what a profound influence they have had in the world today." - Susann McDonald.

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